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b3Flex Buck Driver, 3Amp Maximum (user configurable output current)

Perfect solution for driving series strings of power LEDs such as:

- XM-L
- P7
- MC-E (parallel die)

b3Flex (Hardware specifications/features):

*750mA option introduced in V1.3 of the firmware (April 14, 2012)

Following is a picture of the top of the new b3Flex driver. The outlined polygon area on the left side (surrounding the TaskLED (C) 2012 etc) is for attaching to a heatsink when the b3Flex is run at higher output currents (>1.5A). It is recommended to use 2 part thermal epoxy such as Arctic Alumina to mount the b3flex to the heatsink or optional shim. Please refer to the b3Flex technical section for operating and wiring details.

Following is a picture of the bottom of the b3Flex driver.

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