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Piezo power TOGGLE/Latching switch

Perfect solution to build a water proof switch:

- Dive Lights
- Bike Lights
- Outdoor lights


Piezotg Power Toggle Switch:

Piezo Switches are solid state devices that produce a voltage when pressure is applied. This voltage activates circuitry inside the piezo switch that causes the 'output' to momentarily conduct, emulating a momentary action switch.

A user supplied Piezo switch and associated circuitry on the Piezotg board provides a toggle/latching switch action. Pressing the Piezo switch will cause the power FET on the Piezotg board to toggle on, pressing the Piezo switch again and the power FET will remain toggle off. Circuitry ensures that the Piezotg will always power up with the output off.

Note: the Piezotg is NOT waterproof, it needs to be installed in a waterproof housing, potted or coated in a waterproof sealant.

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